CEO's Message

Under the wise guidance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques government, Saudi Arabia is witnessing unprecedented prosperous and growing economy, especially with the proliferation of smart, save and economic cities in most parts of the kingdom. As a parts of the Kingdom 2030 vision, which has necessitated working on the development of diversification of instant communication services and smart solutions, through investment in the best of technologies and networks, to support the procession of the government and business sectors towards a promising future, commensurate with contemporary requirements.

We, in the Public Telecommunications Company «STC Specialized», are working to meet the growing demand in the Saudi telecommunications market, to create more effective instant communication solutions, in order to serve a broad spectrum of the public sector companies and institutions, in addition to the business sector.

«STCSc specialized» is characterized by offering diverse and unique services in the Kingdom to provide instant group communications, through the latest technologies and networks of the highest quality and safety standards, such as TETRA networks, and Push to Talk -PTT wireless technology, which ensures the privacy and exclusivity to its customers according to their requirements.

Our priority in «STCSc specialized» is valuing our customers; that is why we have been committed to acquire the best trained, managerial and technical manpower. We do our best to study and meet our clients’ requirements in accordance with the latest instant group communications technology and IT.

Dr. Fahad Bin Mushayt