FORUN is the next generation, high availability, reliability and low latency business critical push-to-talk means of communication, for government, public and personal safety.


for government,
public and
personal safety.


  • Is secure, encrypted and instant.  
  • Uses broadband (Push-to-talk) technology. 
  • Is innovative, user-friendly, and includes various added services. 
  • Is designed for multiple users, both one to one, or one to group. 
  • Is installed on rugged mobile devices allowing for the extension of broadband PTT functionality.  
  • Enables organization employees to communicate quickly and effectively. 

Main features

  • Private PTT 
  • Group PTT  
  • Emergency Call  
  • Call Alert  
  • Scanning of Multiple Groups 
  • Group Messaging  
  • Private Messaging 
  • Private Call  
  • GPS/Map  
  • Multimedia File Distribution  
  • Archive Recording of Group Calls  
  • Call Rejoin  
  • Hands-free 
  • Man-down Alert 

FORUN benefits

  • Managing field resources  
  • One-to-one and group calls  
  • Messaging team members  
  • Wide network coverage  
  • High-security  
  • Encrypted network  
  • Reports and archives  
  • Cost-effective rate plans and enhanced work efficiency 

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