Specialized by STC
The future of telecommunications
Specialized, was established in 2005 according to a Royal Decree. It was subsequently acquired by STC to become its executive arm; as a national operator to provide specialized and vital telecommunications services and as a national company licensed to provide the business, government, industrial and commercial sectors in the Kingdom with services and solutions for instant collective wireless communication.
Specialized derives its strength from the mother company STC, which in addition to its long history in serving vital sectors, and its commitment to the highest standards of performance and quality, contributed to improving its work mechanism and developing its customer base.
Specialized aims to enhance communication channels between mobile and fixed work groups in the public and private sectors, with the highest level of efficiency. In a short period of time, it gained the confidence of its users, and became widespread. This served as an incentive for the company to develop more unique solutions and services accredited by the Communications Authority, and form strategic partnerships with the largest network manufacturers in the world, such as Motorola, Huawei, Nokia, Cisco, Air Bus and others, which resulted in a significant enhancement in the quality of the wireless world of the Kingdom.
Specialized has adopted a distinguished growth strategy that enables it to expand in the field of telecommunications services to cater to all customer needs, by providing a distinctive package;"Mission Critical", which is dedicated to emergency and sensitive government services, such as the security, military, health, oil and gas, petrochemical, energy, transportation and heavy industries sectors, in addition to Hajj. "Mission Critical" provides these sectors with operating rooms that offer innovative solutions tailored for the nature of their operations, fully supported by TETRA networks, Fawran and Tareq which are characterized by the highest standards of communications and safety.
The company also offers another package of vital communications for the private and Enterprise Critical sector. This package is suitable for contracting companies operating on large projects, event planning, crowd management, and the logistics sector. Diverse options are provided within subscriptions that suit the size of each company.
Specialized has developed modern solutions for its services, where instant wireless communication has become possible, on various types and systems of smart devices, and regular tablets, without the need to use special devices. This is possible by providing PTT solutions, with extended coverage using STC’s LTE through various radios and state of the art devices.
Work is also underway to complete the successful experience of providing internet service on board aircrafts using LTE (A2G) technology, as it is specialized in developing new solutions and technologies, the most important of which are Drone services and security city solutions such as smart gates and other modern technologies that support the company’s direction.
Specialized is part of the STC group and operates according to a plan to achieve its strategic goals by achieving digital transformation and enabling digital services in the government and private sectors. It aims to contribute effectively to achieving the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 helping to build a digital economy that would give the Kingdom a competitive advantage, and provide modern, specialized services in health, transportation, education, security and defense, and banking services, to position the Kingdom among the leading countries in this field.