specialized Tari’ service aims to keep you and your loved ones safe and well-connected in emergencies by providing coordinated and prompt responses from multiple sources.

one click

to keep you safe
and connected in
times of distress.

whyTari' ?
is user-friendly and secure
provides fiscal, fast & effective communication solutions in cases of emergency.
enables manual and automated messaging, alerting and paging emergency response teams based on location and availability.
utilizes both commercial and professional communication networks (wifi, mobile networks, tetra) to ensure easy and robust communications.


  • coordinated & secure communication via app, sms, web, email, robotcall, tetra
  • ssl secured communication and aes encryption
  • remote forced logout or a lost device (one click operation option)
  • message templates for repeated cases
  • situational user defined alerts from user or dispatcher
  • emergency panic button to guarantee that the right people are contacted immediately
  • alert based on people, group, skills, area, and availability
  • a high priority alert that bypasses device’s mute settings
  • ability to know who received and acknowledged
  • automated escalation for no response, other rules simple feedback with options
  • alert requieres ok / nok i.e. read confirmation
  • discussion and updates (text & photo/file attachment)
  • checklists for simple and quick task reporting

Tari' benefits

  • keeps you safe by prompt emergency response.
  • saves time when it matters most.
  • promptly alerts the right individuals or groups.
  • saves cost and effort by eliminating the need to make multiple calls in emergency situations.
  • works with existing devices; iphone, android phones and pc browsers.
  • enhances delivery reliability by sending alert via multiple delivery channels: application, sms, email, robot call, tetra sds