location service

specialized TLS service aims to increase your vehicle’s visibility to ensure efficiency and safety by continuously tracking your vehicle’s movement and location in real time.

With your vehicle step by step from start to finish!


  • Enables the tracking and tracing of persons or vehicles using TETRA Radios equipped with an integrated GPS Receiver.
  • Determines the position of selected vehicle in real-time and sends updates based on distance moved or time interval using Adaptive Positioning of Units.
geo - fencing

define or create area boundaries for your vehicle and be alerted when it enters or leaves them.

snail trail

see and analyze past data with exact route plotting and measurement correlation display.

incident management

manage any incident by remotely handling your vehicle.

Moving Map

determine the vehicle’s current location on a map.

Continuous Tracking

track your vehicle 24/7 in real time.



  • Available in Web browser version
  • Point Of Interest (POI)
  • Text messaging
  • Street Search

TLS Benefits

  • Increased vehicle visibility
  • Controlling, monitoring, managing and dispatching the selected person or vehicle.
  • Enhanced productivity, punctuality and safety
  • High scalability and performance
  • Quick response for any emergency incident
  • High security Benefits