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At specialized by stc, we understand the critical importance of reliable communication in public safety networks. That's why we offer cutting-edge Tetra systems, specifically designed to meet the communication needs of professionals in various fields. Our Tetra radio system and portable radios provide seamless and secure communication, ensuring efficient operations and enhanced safety.

Our Tetra systems offer a range of benefits that are crucial for public safety networks

Seamless Communication & Enhanced Coverage:

With our Tetra systems, teams can connect seamlessly, regardless of location or terrain. The systems provide instant and reliable communication with crystal-clear voice quality. Furthermore, our Tetra radio system ensures extensive coverage, even in challenging environments. Its robust network infrastructure and advanced features guarantee uninterrupted communication, empowering personnel to stay connected at all times.

Secure and Encrypted Communication:

Security is of utmost importance in public safety networks. Our Tetra systems employ advanced encryption techniques, ensuring that confidential discussions and critical data remain protected. With our systems, you can have peace of mind knowing that sensitive information is safeguarded from unauthorized access.

Extended Battery Life & Durability:

Our portable radios are designed to optimize battery life, delivering long-lasting performance during extended operations. This feature minimizes downtime and allows users to stay connected without worrying about battery depletion. Additionally, our portable radios are built to withstand rugged environments and harsh conditions. They are resistant to dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding situations.

Versatility, Interoperability & Advanced Features:

Our Tetra systems are highly versatile and interoperable, compatible with a wide range of devices. This allows seamless integration with existing communication infrastructure, eliminating the need for significant overhauls. Moreover, our systems offer advanced features such as emergency call capabilities, group communication options, GPS tracking, and text messaging. These features enhance operational efficiency, decision-making, and overall situational awareness.

When it comes to public safety networks, specialized by stc's Tetra systems are the ideal choice. With seamless communication, enhanced coverage, secure encryption, extended battery life, durability, versatility, interoperability, and advanced features, our Tetra radio system and portable radios empower professionals to effectively respond to emergencies and ensure the safety of the community. Trust specialized by stc for reliable communication solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

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Who can benefit from Tetra?

          General safety and emergency services

          Transportation and public transportation

          Security and private institutions


          Event management and security

          Construction institutions


one-one PTT (push-to-talk) calls
one-group PTT (push-to-talk) calls
emergency calls
call alert
private and group messaging
mobile calls (local and International)
text messages
Internet Packages
Multimedia File Sharing
Scanning Multiple Groups

Tetra offer seamless communication by providing instant connectivity between team members, regardless of their location or the terrain. With crystal-clear voice quality and extensive coverage, these systems ensure uninterrupted communication, enabling effective coordination and rapid response to emergencies.

Security is a top priority in our Tetra systems. They incorporate advanced encryption techniques to ensure that communication remains secure and confidential. This safeguards sensitive information from unauthorized access, providing a high level of security for critical discussions and data transmission.

To start using Tetra, you can follow the following steps:


• Browse the available information and features about Tetra service to understand how it can benefit your business.


• Contact the customer support team of specialized by stc for more details and to request the activation of the Tetra service for your company. You can reach them through the number 909 or via the "Contact Us" page.


• During the communication with the support team, you will need to provide necessary information about your company and your communication needs. They may ask for details such as the company name, expected number of users, available budget, and more.


• After confirming the data and fulfilling the required procedures, the Tetra service will be activated for your company. You will receive the necessary information and instructions to start using and configuring the service in your work environment.


• Technical support and necessary training will be provided to ensure a smooth and effective utilization of the Tetra service.


• Please note that the activation steps for Tetra may vary slightly depending on the policies of specialized by stc and your company's requirements. Therefore, it is best to directly contact the customer support team for accurate information and to determine the necessary steps to start using Tetra

Yes, Tetra is highly versatile and interoperable. They can be seamlessly integrated with existing communication infrastructure, minimizing the need for extensive overhauls or disruptions. This allows organizations to leverage their current systems while benefiting from the enhanced capabilities of specialized by stc's Tetra technology.