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is the next generation of communication that combines immediacy, vitality, high abundance, and absolute security. With the remarkable advancement in modern means of communication, there is an urgent need for a comprehensive change in business management and organizations to confront current challenges such as risks, competition, and high costs.


Forun stands out for its high reliability and dynamism, providing a secure and encrypted means of communication that enables teams to communicate efficiently and effectively. Forun is cost-effective and compatible with the approved systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


With Forun, organizations can enhance their internal interactions and improve coordination between teams, regardless of their geographical location. The instant service provides text messages, voice calls, and video calls over the internet, allowing users to communicate instantly, share information, and make quick decisions.


Using Forun contributes to achieving effective and secure communication between teams and continuous improvement of business operations. As an advanced and reliable communication tool, Forun meets the needs of organizations for effective communication and improved work efficiency.


Benefit from Forun and obtain an advanced and reliable means of communication to enhance the performance of your institution and achieve success in the current competitive environment


Who can benefit from Forun?

      • General safety and emergency services

      • Transportation and public transportation

      • Security and private institutions

      • Healthcare

      • Event management and security

      • Construction institutions


one-one PTT (push-to-talk) calls
one-group PTT (push-to-talk) calls
emergency calls
call alert
private and group messaging
mobile calls (local and International)
text messages
Internet Packages
Multimedia File Sharing
Scanning Multiple Groups

Yes, Forun is suitable for both small and large companies. Forun is an immediate and reliable communication service that helps companies improve communication and coordination between work teams. The service provides security and confidentiality and is compatible with the approved systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For small companies, Forun is an ideal option to improve communication and coordination between limited-sized work teams. The service provides speed and flexibility in conference calls and conversations, enabling small companies to improve efficiency and organize work effectively.

As for large companies, Forun provides the ability to communicate and coordinate between large work teams spread widely. The service allows group and one-on-one calls, enhancing collaboration and quick interaction among employees in large companies.

Regardless of the size, Forun also offers high-security features and encryption for communications, protecting the confidentiality of information and ensuring compliance with the approved systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

By using Forun, both small and large companies can benefit from improved communication and coordination between teams, achieve cost savings, and rely on a comprehensive and dynamic communication service that helps companies improve their efficiency and increase productivity

Yes, Forun is considered a secure service for sensitive company information. This service adopts advanced security measures to protect the confidentiality and safety of sensitive information being exchanged.


Forun provides encryption for communications, which means that conversations and information transmitted through the service are encrypted and non-penetrable. Advanced security protocols are used to ensure the confidentiality of the content and prevent unauthorized access.


Furthermore, Forun is committed to complying with the regulations and security standards established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to safeguard data and privacy. Specialized by stc takes strict security measures to prevent any leakage or violation of information.

To start using Forun, you can follow the following steps:


·       Browse the available information and features about Forun service to understand how it can benefit your business.


·       Contact the customer support team of specialized by stc for more details and to request the activation of the Forun service for your company. You can reach them through the number 909 or via the "Contact Us" page.


·       During the communication with the support team, you will need to provide necessary information about your company and your communication needs. They may ask for details such as the company name, expected number of users, available budget, and more.


·       After confirming the data and fulfilling the required procedures, the Forun service will be activated for your company. You will receive the necessary information and instructions to start using and configuring the service in your work environment.


·       Technical support and necessary training will be provided to ensure a smooth and effective utilization of Forun service.


Please note that the activation steps for Forun may vary slightly depending on the policies of specialized by stc and your company's requirements. Therefore, it is best to directly contact the customer support team for accurate information and to determine the necessary steps to start using Forun.

When encountering a problem or needing support while using the "Forun" service, you have multiple options to receive assistance. Here are several available choices:


·       call Customer Support: You can reach out to the specialized by stc customer support team by dialing the number 909. They will provide direct assistance and technical support over the phone.


·       Email Technical Support: You can send your inquiries or issues via email to the support team at They will promptly respond to your email and provide the necessary support.


These options are designed to help you effectively resolve any issues or address concerns you may have while using the "Forun" service. Feel free to contact the customer support team either by phone or email for prompt and reliable assistance

The cost of using the "Forun" service depends on several factors, including the type of subscription, required features, usage volume, and contract details. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the customer support team at specialized by stc for more precise and detailed information regarding the cost.


Typically, the cost of the "Forun" service is determined based on the usage pattern, such as the number of users, data consumption volume, and any additional requirements. By reaching out to the customer support team, you can get accurate and personalized information about the pricing structure and determine the cost that aligns with your specific needs.