Tari’ is a Critical Alerting and Messaging Solution, the next generation alerting service provides fast and effective communication

Tari’ is a secure and valuable tool in managing and preparing for:


·       Unexpected critical events and emergencies

·       Daily operations and reporting

·       Managing processes

·       Decision making and communication


Tari’ is an ideal alerting solution for many segments such as:

·       Commercial Security (Malls, Buildings)

·       Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

·       Critical Infrastructure Organizations (Utilities, Oil & Gas)

·       Education (Schools, Universities)

different communication methods (app, SMS, email, robot calls, direct chat)

Works over mobile networks and WiFi

Works with existing devices; iOS, android phones and pc browsers


Remote Checkout When Loss Of Device
Secure Communication Across Multiple Ways
Emergency Button
Automatic And Manual Alerts
Skip Silent Mode For Important Alerts
Find Out Who Received The Alert
Emergency Alert For Predefined Users Or Groups
Alarm Requirements OK/NOT OK


Ensure Emergency Readiness Of Teams
High Level Of Security And Reliability
Save Time And Effort In Operations And Emergencies
Improve Work Processes
Raise The Efficiency Of Alert Access
High-Performance And Scalable
Easy Management Of Alert Formats